Corporate Governance


We openly share our principles, systems, and characteristics to do good across all business activities.

Gaman is committed to upholding its mission, vision, values, and beliefs to ensure all operations and business activities are conducted with integrity, sincerity, and reliability. We aim to be a global organization that always stays a step ahead in dealing with technological change while making a lasting contribution to the sustainability of people, communities, and society worldwide.

Operating Principles

Declaration 1. Gaman shall achieve accountability and prosperity by placing integrity and sound leadership as the authoritative rules to conduct its business.

Declaration 2. Gaman shall oversee all operations with foresight and flexibility to effectively adapt to ongoing changes in the world today. Under no circumstances shall it pursue easy gains or jeopardize the sustainability, liberties, or rights of humanity.

Declaration 3. Gaman shall push society, industry, and economy toward new solutions and systems by accelerating the transition to sustainable technologies that improve both digital and physical realities.

Gaman’s Corporate Statements

Corporate Vision

We envision the world’s future and foresee a heavy dependence on technology. We intend to innovate and create a sustainable future by accelerating the world’s transition to AI-driven systems in the 21st century.

Corporate Mission

Gaman will help companies prosper by increasing the innovation, automation, and digitization of their operations by contributing to the overall improvement of their processes.

Corporate Legacy

Our legacy is to allow others to prosper from our business pursuits and capital gains.

Guiding Principles

To serve our clients and communities with honesty and sincerity

To communicate clear objectives by upholding a high value on transparency and openness

To comply with all laws and regulations while maintaining the highest ethical standards

To initiate a transition to future technologies that ensure companies, economies, and societies will prosper

To attach great importance on protecting the rights and liberties of all people

To contribute to global sustainability through initiatives that inspire a brighter, promising hope for tomorrow

To envision a future for all people to live and share with enthusiasm

Commitment To Social Responsibility

Gaman recognizes ICO 26000 as a framework to integrate social responsibility and socially responsible behavior into its values practices. We believe in going beyond what’s required to be a legally operating corporation and encourage all to partake in our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development.